Energy Security Management Training Course 2016

Security Management copy

This course will provide students with in-depth training on the four major pillars of security management:

Security Risk Management, Physical Security, Personnel Security, and Incident Management and Investigation.

  • Security Risk Management will help you to prioritize your efforts and spending by identifying those assets most critical to your organization, and determining where additional protection is required
  • Antiterrorism Planning will teach you how to prevent terrorist attacks at your facilities
  • Personnel Security will help you to build programs which will protect your company’s most important asset – its people
  • Security Incident Management and Investigation will help prepare you to respond to incidents quickly, limiting consequences and impact.  Investigations are important to prevent similar events from occurring again.




Ross Johnson, CPP - is the Senior Manager of Security and Contingency Planning for Capital Power, based in Edmonton, Canada.  He served in the Canadian Forces as an infantry and intelligence officer for 24 years.  Since leaving the service in 2001, He has been employed in several security-related leadership positions in aviation security, the offshore oil industry, and the electricity sector.

Ross is the author of Antiterrorism Planning and Threat Response, a book on the prevention of terrorist attacks. (A recent review of the book can be found here).  He is the host of the website

He is a member of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee, where he sits on the Executive Committee.  He is also Chair of the Committee’s Physical Security Working Group, and the leader of the Physical Security Roundtable Group.  He recently represented Canada on the Standards Drafting Team for the new critical infrastructure protection standard on physical security of large switchyards and substations.

Ross is also Chair of the Canadian Electricity Association’s Security and Infrastructure Protection Committee, and Chair of ASIS International’s Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industries Security Council.

He has a Baccalaureate in Military Arts and Sciences with Distinction from the Royal Military College of Canada, and is board-certified in security management by ASIS International.